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Our Confidentiality and Privacy Policies

Before using this site, please read the following carefully.
The information contained on this page is from time to time subject to modifications. Take the time to review it each time you visit our site. By using this site you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the conditions and limitations to responsibility as defined below.

Use of Male, Female Terms
On our site in general, and in this text in particular, masculine or plural word forms are used but they may refer to both the masculine and feminine forms of the word.

Information Accuracy
We are continually making every effort to verify and maintain the accuracy of the information published on our site. With the market changing rapidly however, some information may very quickly become incomplete or inaccurate, Web addresses can change or disappear and exchange rates can vary from one moment to the next. Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com may not be held responsible at any time for problems or difficulties that might result from any changes or incomplete information.
For example, Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com cannot possibly guarantee that exchange rates are exact, for they are always subject to change, depending on when the rate list was checked or when payments were made. Exchange rates transmitted to us by one of our affiliates must be only serve as indicators and not contractual exchange rates.

Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com would like to thank in advance anyone who notices any changes or inaccurate information, and who has taken the trouble to let us know about it.

Intellectual Property
This site, each one of sections, documents, logos, buttons and also its graphic design and layout are the property of Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com and/or third parties, or distributors associated with Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com. All elements or documents are protected by copyright laws. Also, the logos, services, names or trademarks published on this site are registered and cannot be used nor reproduced without direct authorization from those having the right to do so.

All software, systems, procedures and programs used in this site are the exclusive property of Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com and protected by international laws governing intellectual property.

You may only download articles or documents from this site for personal use, but not for any commercial use.
None of the documents, photographs, articles, descriptions or others contained on this site may be copied, reproduced, published, transmitted, displayed, modified or distributed without consent from Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com.

Protection of Personal Information
Personal information includes any date pertaining to individuals and used to identify them.

Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com is committed to maintain the confidentiality of personal information.

With your consent, personal information obtained by Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com, will be kept in our files and used to:
- identify you
- send you printed or electronic documentation.
- allow us easily contact you again in the future.
- submit your request for a reservation or product to an affiliated service.
- include you on our mailing lists or solicit responses to our survey when they are carried out, to which you are    free to decide whether or not to respond.
- help us adapt our site's content so that it best meets your preferences.
- allow us to send out publicity on our products or services and also those of our partners or associates.
- carry out statistical surveys or analyses.

Transmission of personal information
Except in cases where prohibited by law, Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com pledges never to communicate personal information contained on the user's credit card unless in response to a specific request by the user and for a specific purpose, and that users have provided us with their consent.

We would like to assure users that we will adhere to the strictest possible security measures when transmitting information electronically. In order to accomplish this we will in fact be using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which to date is the most secure means of transmitting data. It provides encryption for all your personal information including credit card number, name and address in such that , during their Internet transmission they cannot be read by anyone except ourselves.

It may happen that an Internet user might request a service offered by one of Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com's affiliated service providers and that we would have to transmit this information in order to get a response to a specific request. These associates must however sign an agreement with Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com agreeing not to use this information for any purposes other than those to which users gave their consent. Also, we can assure the confidentiality of information transmitted due to the efforts we make to protect it. Even to send information by e-mail we use data encryption.

It should be noted however that Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com has made links available to users connecting them to other sites which might possibly collect personal information, and when you enter one of these sites, you enter a site for which Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com assumes no responsibility. Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com does not control, does not endorse them and does not guarantee these sites in any way and cannot be held responsible for their content or their practices, particularly in matters concerning the protection of personal information. While visiting these sites, we would encourage you to consult their terms and conditions.

Protection of Data Related to Credit Cards
We would like to assure you that in our credit card data transmission we use SSL protocol, one of most advanced techniques available on the market today and thus assuring you a maximum level of security. This data remains encrypted and is kept only for the time necessary to carry out the transaction authorized by the user, after which it is destroyed.
The credit card number requested by us from users is used only to carrying out that transaction for which users have given their consent. If eventually other requests for payment are made, we will again ask users for their credit card number and for their authorization to debit their account.

Surveys, Questionnaires or Contests
Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com may occasionally organize contests providing you with a chance to win prizes. These contests may use personal information and opinions which are very useful for the development of custom products or information on user expectations. In a similar manner, questionnaires, comments or surveys in which Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com may ask you to participate, are solely intended to better serve our clients in the future. Taking part in these surveys, questionnaires or requests will always be free of charge and you will always be free to refrain from answering.

Comments or testimonies received by Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com may in no way be published without your written assent.

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Canceling your Registration
You may at any time remove your name from the mailing lists used for newsletters, advertising or information. We do not wish to impose upon or inconvenience you in any manner whatsoever. In fact, the e-mails serve to provide members with useful and interesting information. If however you do not want to receive any we will very quickly remove your co-ordinates from our files, as soon as we receive your request for cancellation.

Additional Conditions
Hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com may at any time modify the terms and conditions for using this site, for reservations conditions and also for terms of purchase regarding our products or services. Consequently, we will advise you to periodically check to determine whether any changes have been made to these terms or conditions. Using this site implies that you agree to accept any modifications that might have been made and that you have kept yourself informed of these new conditions.

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